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Tenderloin Grill     |     900 Southwest Blvd.Kansas City, Missouri 64108     |     (816) 842 - 6601     |     © WebDebSites

We have been making great food for Kansas City since 1932! The Pork Tender and the Pig Snoot sandwiches are the same that the original owner peddled out of a wagon in 1932.

We are known for our delicious hand-battered Pork Tenders dressed in mustard, a secret hot sauce made in-house, horseradish, onion and tomato. Add home-made fries that are cut each day from potatoes and fried to order behind our nine seat counter and you will be experiencing an over 80 year tradition.

Over the years we have added cheeseburgers, grilled hot dogs and fish sandwiches to the menu. The times might have changed, but we haven't!

When I get back to K.C. that's one of the first places I want to eat at. Boy no one can top them!! Yum - Mary H.

- Now Serving Beer - Tenderloin Grill Serving Hand-Battered Pork Tenders