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Tenderloin Grill, a Kansas City staple and “Home of KC’s Best Tender” officially moved to the City Market and opened in late April 2023!

The new Tenderloin Grill is located at 25 E 3rd Street on the northeast corner of the City Market (the space that was formerly occupied by Taste of Brazil, who has moved just west of their former location to 21 E 3rd Street). Tenderloin Grill also has new hours that they are very excited about!

New Hours:

Monday – Closed
Tuesday – Thursday: 10:45 am – 4 pm
Friday: 10:45 am -6 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9:45 am – 6 pm


Longtime customers of the 90+-year-old Tenderloin Grill will find the same great tenders, burgers, hand-cut fries, line-up of craft-made sodas, and, of course, Tenderloin Grill’s sauce and secret-recipe hot sauce at the new location. There are even a few new menu items in the works. All of this is just a 5-minute drive from the restaurant’s former Southwest Blvd. location.

Tenderloin Grill partner Kenneth Kantner says:

“We are excited about the opportunity of increased tourism and streetcar traffic at the City Market and the ability to be open on Sundays. The Grill was closed when we purchased the concept and the building a couple of years ago. Myself and my partners, Angel Hernandez and Gregg Johnson, were proud to bring a KC institution back to life.

As we entered the 10th decade for the Grill, it became clear that the post-Covid lunch business was harder to come by. With the City Market move, the Grill has an opportunity to bring some great food a little closer to another very historic part of the city that has daytime activity on weekdays and weekends. It’s a melting pot of residents, businesses, millennials, tourists, and cultures – and it’s a hungry group, as we have personally experienced via our Minsky’s Pizza location in the City Market.  

We’ve got some new menu items planned in addition to longtime favorites. A large “giant’ size tender is in the works, also an option for grilled tenders (in addition to the traditional fried tender). We’re working on some new house-made sauces and planning frozen adult beverages for the summer months.”

Established in 1932, the Tenderloin Grill has been the home of “The Best Tender in Kansas City” for over 90 years now. Tenderloin Grill was purchased in the fall of 2021 by Angel Hernandez along with Kenneth Kantner and Gregg Johnson of Minsky’s Pizza. They are dedicated to bringing Tenderloin Grill’s fans the same great taste experience and intend to keep growing the restaurant in its new location in the City Market.